Easy, secure, integrated messaging between providers

Securely send and receive referrals, simple clinical messages, and test results.

Enable interoperability and interconnectivity with Mirth Mail. This HIPAA-compliant, robust Direct message system features on-boarding, registration, a webmail client interface, a multi-tiered administration system, a standards-compliant provider directory, and chat capabilities.

Mirth Mail adds a rich, secure communication capability to your private HIE, quickly and easily.

Connected community network

Secure email platform integration

Protected, HIPAA-compliant workflow

How does Mirth Mail work?

Mirth Mail, built upon the secure, scalable, standards-based Direct Project, enables exchange between providers, healthcare organizations, and healthcare workers.

Mirth Mail supports secure messaging with your community and beyond via:

A standards-compliant provider directory where users can easily find other providers' Direct addresses

Integration with EHR systems to facilitate meaningful data exchange

A unique, secure chat feature which enables real-time communication

The Mirth Mail web client ensures every care provider in your community can send and receive Direct messages. Regardless of which EHR you (or others) use, or if you don’t use an EHR at all, with Mirth Mail, you have a web-based email client, easy web-based user registration, a standards-compliant provider directory, and chat capabilities.

Download our Mirth Mail data sheet to learn more.

Offer branded Direct Services with our DTAAP certified HISP

Provide your community with secure, branded communications.

Mirth Mail is built upon the secure, scalable, standards-based Direct Project. It enables your organization to utilize a private instance of Mirth Mail under Mirth’s Health Information Service Provider (HISP) offering. Provide your community with encrypted communications through a private, branded Direct service.

What Does This Mean For You?

The Direct Trusted Agent Accreditation Program (DTAAP) validates and supports compliance with the technical, security, trust, and business practices required for Direct messaging.

DTAAP-accreditation certifies that Mirth meets the highest standards in data privacy and security. In addition, DTAAP accreditation is another way to extend the reach of community partners with whom you can exchange secure messages.

Mirth-hosted Mirth Mail customers can easily connect to community partners using other DTAAP-accredited HISPs.

To put it simply, it means you can confidently send and receive secure email from disparate systems across a health community.

now available

Mirth OpenPD

Access a national-level provider directory and discover other providers' Direct addresses. Support secure exchange of Direct messages and enable more connected care.

Mirth HISP members have access to 450,000 providers and counting

  • Vendor-neutral—third-party HISPs can join and share their directory data
  • Scalable, centralized point for nationwide directory exchange
  • Low barrier to entry—Mirth OpenPD is free and based on reciprocal address exchange

Ready to add Mirth OpenPD to your practice? Let’s talk.

Scalable deployment options

Mirth Mail offers you the flexibility of leveraging Mirth's EHNAC Accredited HISP Service or becoming your own HISP. To take advantage of Mirth Mail EHNAC Accreditation, just use the Mirth team to host and manage certificates for you.

Prefer to pursue certification on your own?

No problem. Mirth can deliver Virtual Appliances to you for installation in your own infrastructure. Either way, your organization will have your own branded web access to Mirth Mail Inbox, Provider Directory, and Provider Registration Portal.

Mirth Mail Quickview

Mirth Mail Appliance Chart

Webmail Client – User Interface for providers, organizations, sub-organizations, and staff to receive and send Direct enabled messages


  • Support for integration with hospital EHRs
  • Support for HPD+
  • Support for MDN
  • Custom connectivity
  • Clinical document viewer
  • Multi-domain aliasing (organization level domains)
  • Branding
  • Reports
  • Role-based access control
  • Account creation via importing
  • New account onboarding and registration workflow
  • End user account and profile management
  • Notifications
  • Delegation
  • Secure XMPP-based chat
  • First-class trust bundle support

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